Thomas Bland Sculpture of our Guiding Principles

Sunday, February 27, 2011

February 28-March 4, 2011

Kindergarten-The children are finishing their paper quilt blocks after learning about the ladies of Gees Bend, AL.  They have also been learning about Eric Carle in their classroom.  Mrs. Beyer followed up with a lesson about him and they will be working on an activity in the art room using painted tissue paper like Eric Carle uses.  This is called cross curricular learning when teachers support each other's lessons as the children learn about a particular subject matter, in this case, Eric Carle. 

First Grade- The children have finished their puppets and the excitement in the art room could be heard and felt!  Not only were the children excited to be finished but they began to play with each other using their puppets.  They turned out so well and some of children were so creative.  Their artwork always surprises me!  What a fun project!  Each class with take an inventory of the puppets they made and write a puppet play featuring their puppets!

Second Grade- The children are in process of making their Bembe' masks using red, ceramic, clay.  While I'm firing their masks they will watch a video showing what I do with their masks from the time they hand them to me cold and wet until I return their masks to them as a piece of ceramic clay.  They find this video wonderfully interesting.  After making this video I had a new respect for Martha Stewart!

Third Grade-The children are still weaving!  Many of them have past the half way point.  I think a couple of children may finish their pouches this week.  Then they'll begin to finish like crazy!

Fourth Grade- Ron Burns is the topic of the week.  The children are learning several things with this lesson.  They are learning how to enlarge an image by using a graphing technique.  There's math involved with getting their graph drawn out to enlarge the pictures they are drawing from.  After graphing their papers they will begin copying one of Ron Burns' cats and dogs square by square.  It is a week of proportion and measuring.  They'll work very hard to duplicate their image.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February 21-25

Kindergarten- The kindergarten children have been constructing their quilt blocks like the ladies of Gees Bend, AL.  This week we will put some of those blocks together to create a large paper quilt bulletin board!  this lesson is about lines, patterns, and creativity.

First Grade-The children have finished painting the faces on their stick puppets.  This week they will finish their puppets by adding ears, tails, and clothing.  (All those items that are added on to complete their puppet.)  Each class will write a play that includes all the puppets that were created.  These plays have a crazy mixture of puppets but they make sense!  I am always surprised by the children's ideas!

Second Grade-Second grade has been learning about masks from around the world.  We are specifically talking about the Bembe' masks of Africa.  We have drawn an image of our mask that we want to make and we have practiced some clay techniques using Play Dough.  This week is the week we will model our mask out of red, ceramic, clay.  It is almost more excitement than we can handle!  While we are waiting for our masks to dry, the children will watch a video about the kiln and what happens between the time they hand me their wet, cold, masks until I return their mask to them a light orange and nice and hard.  I hope this helps them to understand so much of the process they do not get to see.

Third Grade is weaving, weaving, weaving.  Their goal each day is to weave as much as possible!  Some children are nearly half finished!  Their finished pouch will be large enough to hold the new DSI-XL.  Not to mention many other treasures!  Very cool!!!

Fourth Grade has completed their self-portraits and they turned out wonderful!  I am so proud of their work!  They will be displayed soon!  We are currently working on a brief lesson involving the art of building a beautiful building, architecture!  They saw a short film about Frank Lloyd Wright and leanred about his famous "Falling Waters".  They were introduced to I.M. Pei, Frank Gehry, and Antoni Goudi.  Their assignment is to draw an image of our school which is built in Frank Lloyd Wright's craftsman style.  Mrs. Sofiya Inger, our guest artist, will use their renderings to create an image of Maple Glen in her completed piece of art.  This is so exciting and the children's drawings have been amazing!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January 31-February 4

Hello Maple Glen Families!
I apologize for the delay but my Google account sent me a suspicious message and I was forced to change my password.  After talking with our tech-man Mr. Grogan, he told me that someone was probably fishing....phishing? intrude into my computer space.  I was not able to access my blog from school but I am able to access here from home today!  Yeah!  I thought it was completely gone!  I'm home today because of the weather so already our week is changing.  Here's what our week has the potential of looking!

Kindergarten-The children have been introduced to the women of Gees Bend, AL.  They will be starting their own paper quilt block using fat lines and many of their scraps.  Their goal is to create a pattern as they assemble their block. The women of Gees Bend saved every scrap they had to make their quilts.

First Grade- The children prepared their puppets for being a person or an animal by having arms and legs glued to their puppets.  They also drew the faces on their puppets.  They will start painting and applying the hair, ears, tails, etc. this week.  I can hardly contain their excitement as they enter the art room!

Second Grade-The second grade has finished their tropical birds on Amate' paper.  They are currently displayed on the bulletin boards by the cafeteria.  This week they will review texture in art and begin making an accordian folded fish.  They will add a dorsal fin and a tail along with a breast fin to their fish.

Third Grade-We have started weaving on our pouches!  The first day of weaving is always the most difficult.  Many children still want to weave without paying attention to that first warp thread however, they will work all the "bugs" out of their weaving and it will be "smooth cruising"  from here on out!

Fourth Grade-Our self-portraits are finished and they are amazing!  They will be displayed very soon.  I had planned on moving right into the Ron Burns' lesson however, the fourth grade is responsible for drawing the school on our all school art project with Sofiya Inger.  To prepare for that task, we will be working on a very short lesson about architecture, as an art form, learning about Frank Lloyd Wright and his "craftsman" style.  After all, Maple Glen is a craftsman style school!